Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weather Rewind, June 17-23 2012

Our first significant heat event of 2012 helped push average temperatures for the past week to 2.4 degrees above normal, which isn't all that bad in comparison thanks to the early week cool start with highs in the 70's on Sunday and Monday with a plethora of cloud cover around a chunk of the region.   The three consecutive days of 95 degree or higher heat did not set any records in Philadelphia but we did come close on both Wednesday and Thursday, missing by one and two degrees respectively each day.

Rainfall for the week totalled 0.55" -- confined to Friday's thunderstorm development that came in the wake of the sea breeze front/outflow from the Shore thunderstorms that popped up in the midday along the coastline.  Our half inch rains paled in comparison to what fell at the Shore (over seven inches in parts of Ocean County) and to the south and east, which should finish denting much the last patches of the "dry island" that was a part of our landscape since Spring.  The NOAA Drought Monitor has significantly scaled back any "drought" areas to only Southern and Central Delaware, with dry patches (yellow shading) through portions of the Delaware Valley, South Jersey, and Delaware.   That update was made before Friday's storms so I would expect a further shaving of the island on Thursday's update.