Sunday, June 03, 2012

Weather Rewind, May 27th-June 2nd, 2012

Last week's temperatures averaged out to seven degrees above normal in Philadelphia, including the first 90's for 2012 in Philadelphia on Memorial Day and on Tuesday as temperatures reached 91 and 92, respectively.  Included in the warmth last week were three rounds of thunderstorms and rain through portions of the region.  While not everyone picked up rainfall last week, those storms did bring as much as several inches of rain to Lancaster and Berks Counties to our west.   The first was on Sunday with scattered morning thunder in spots, as well as a squall line that weakened in the afternoon.  The second was on Tuesday with an approaching cold front firing up thunderstorms that crossed the region with "doomsday" skies and some wind damage in western and northwestern edges of our region.   The third was a potent low pressure system (by June's standards) that brought wind and rain on Friday night, as well as a tornado warning in Montgomery and Bucks Counties (as of now, no confirmation of an actual tornado was doppler indicated).   Total rainfall in the city from all of this was 0.88"

May will likely end up as one of the warmest on record nationally -- it was the 4th warmest on record in Philadelphia, 3rd warmest in Atlantic City, and 2nd warmest on record in Trenton and Reading.  Other locations farther west also had one of their warmest months of May on record as well -- it was the second warmest on record in Columbus, OH, as well.   The only real cooler air in the US during May was along the border with Canada from North Dakota on west to Washington.