Thursday, July 12, 2012

Been Dry For A While

Your lawns have noticed the recent dry weather in much of the region.  While the Shore is a notable exception to this, the Delaware Valley has been pretty dry since rains that fell in the first week of June.  Philadelphia since June 13th has picked up 0.73" of rain -- nearly three inches below average.  Reading has picked up less than a half inch of rain.   Needless to say, it's been a dry go of it across much of the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.   While we're not in a true drought -- the stretch of mid May to early June where we played catch up in the rainfall department has reversed course for some locations.

Rainfall deficits year-to-date range from a couple of inches at Atlantic City (which was rather wet in June) to as much as 8.50" in Wilmington, where their percentage of "normal" rainfall year-to-date is just over sixty percent.

Philadelphia is at 65% of its normal rainfall year-to-date and running with a rainfall deficit just over seven and a half inches -- again, not a drought but certainly not a bonanza of rain either.

If you were curious where we stood last year, which featured a rather dry May and June...we were just about 'average' in rainfall through this date but coming out of a wet winter and early Spring.  Of course, we know the tale of what happened in August and September.

This weekend offers a good chance for many of us to play catch up in the rainfall department as scattered thunderstorms may be in the offing for the region, some of which will produce heavier rainfall.  We'll continue to update the prospects for thunder, how heavy it will be and when odds are highest, over the next couple of days.