Friday, July 13, 2012

A Bit More Humidity Today

Skies this morning feature a veil of high clouds overhead thanks to the influence of a jet streak that's rippling through the Ohio Valley in the upper atmosphere.   Temperatures this morning range from the 60's in the cooler burbs and in South Jersey, where skies were a bit clearer last night, to the 70's in the city.  The aforementioned jet streak will push these high clouds overhead through the day, with occasional periods where the sun can punch through the clouds in place and provide a filtered sunny look.  There *should* be enough sun through the high clouds for the region to flirt with 90 degrees this afternoon...and if we do hit 90 it would be the 15th in 16 days.

The jet streak is also a sign of increased moisture working into the atmosphere.  Last weekend's front that crossed the region and stalled over the Carolinas has fizzled out.  This will result in an increase in humidity over the region over the next few days, with a bit of a tropical feel to the air coming in this weekend.  While we've had typical summery heat since Sunday, the humidity levels have been much more modest.  That begins to reverse course today and will definitely be noticed over the weekend.

Additionally, with the increasing moisture moving into the region, a few showers or storms can't be ruled out in spots this afternoon.  The best chances for this will be over the Poconos, Central Pennsylvania, and down into Maryland.   Radar is already detecting a few showers down in the Appalachians in West Virginia...while most of that may dry up later on, it could help trigger additional showers or storms to our north and west later.