Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Break in the Heat

Across Central/Eastern PA, there are currently a few showers and thunderstorms, moving southeast.  They are tending to fall apart as they move closer to Philadelphia.

After many days of 90+ degree temperatures and yesterday hitting 100 degrees in spots, a break in the hat is finally coming.  While today may still hit 90 in a few areas, especially areas south of Philadelphia, it will certainly feel more comfortable than what we have seen.  A cold front that brought some severe storms to spots yesterday evening has pushed south through much of the area.  This has put an end to the heat and over the next few days, temperatures will be back to normal levels.  With the cold front clearing the area, winds have shifted to the north.  While still hot, it will be a much more pleasant day.

We'll mainly see a mix of clouds and sun today with the exception being down in Delaware.  With the cold front still yet to clear that area, there is a slight risk for severe storms today in the afternoon and evening hours.