Saturday, July 21, 2012

Damp Start Ends (Hopefully) Delightfully

Last night's damp bouts of drizzle and for some, additional shower activity are now replaced by a lingering batch of showers that will pass through the region over the next few hours.  As of early this morning, those showers are located to our west and southwest and are working eastward.  These showers appear to be the last fingers of moisture and energy from yesterday's mid level storm system, which has brought us a rather cool start to the day in the Delaware Valley as temperatures are in the lower and middle 60's this morning...feeling much more comfortable.  Heck, it was almost a bit chilly out there last night around the region as those northeast and east winds blew through.

Today won't be a total washout -- these showers should be it for precipitation and not everyone will get in on them.

Once these showers and sprinkles push through the region...and they should be out of here by mid to late morning...the day should gradually brighten and sunshine should increase as dry air and high pressure nose in from the west and northwest.  We should see skies turn partly to mostly sunny in the afternoon from west to east, with temperatures jumping up towards 80 degrees by day's end in Philly and much of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  While that's still several degrees below average for July, nobody will complain.  The Shore will hang onto clouds the longest, with temperatures down there today likely to only get into the middle 70's.