Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dodging A Shower, Probably Dodging 90

There are a few showers around the Philly metro early this morning as a weak disturbance nudges through the mid atmosphere. It fired up showers last night out by Harrisburg, with those those showers slowly tracking east through Southern Pennsylvania and lurking overhead at the time of this post. Those modest showers will track into New Jersey over the next couple of hours, probably off the coast by 6:30 or 7.

There may be a few other showers or even a rumble of thunder that pop through the course of the day as the atmosphere has a couple of these weak ripples of energy around.  Storms, in general, should remain relatively modest and not produce much more than a localized gust of wind or perhaps a downpour at worst...and in terms of geography should be scattered around, with the best chances of them north of the city later on today.

In terms of highs, we should dodge 90 in the city this afternoon...I say that with fingers crossed since the Airport outperformed any of the guidance on temperatures yesterday by a few degrees.  Highs this afternoon should get to the upper 80's with a variably cloudy sky...with the Shore getting to the mid 80's.