Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flirting With Records Again

The next couple of days could feature some records being approached...if not beat in a couple of cases.  While Philadelphia's record high for today (102) is a bit out of reach, Atlantic City's record high of 97 is probably the easiest, most likely record to be broken today as high temperatures will reach the upper half of the 90's away from the immediate Shore.

Wednesday's records are a bit easier in a number of locations...a bit tougher in Atlantic City as the record high tomorrow is 99.  Philadelphia's record of 99 from 1953 is do-able and likely will be flirted with as temperatures are poised to repeat today's performance...especially from Philadelphia on south.  The fly in the ointment will be thunderstorm development in the afternoon across Northern Pennsylvania...this, plus clouds popping up in the heat and humidity ahead of the thunderstorm line, should be enough to cap the potential heating for Allentown and points north.

Most of the records on the graphic above are from "classic" hot years around the region -- 1988, 1999, 1953 -- all of which featured three impressive heat streaks or are among the hottest on record.  The oldie on the board is Reading's record today (100 degrees from 1900)...that record should be safe.