Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot July Boosts 90 Degree Totals

We're up to 30 days of 90 or hotter in Philadelphia this summer -- behind 2010's record setting pace by six and two ahead of last year's pace (28 in 2011). One pace we will definitely out-do last year on is the number of days of 95 or greater -- now tallied at 12 through today, whereas last year's total was 'just' 11.  We're ahead of 2010's pace (through this time two years ago there was 11 days of 95 or higher in Philadelphia)  and two ahead of the 2002 record pace (10 through 7/30) on days of 95 degrees or greater.

In 2002, August was the hottest month of the summer and featured a five day in seven stretch in mid August where temperatures bested the 95 degree plateau.   August doesn't appear to be "as" warm this go-around as 2002's was but it's pretty clear simply based on looking at a calendar that we're a long way from being out of the woods on 90 or 95 degree heat.  We are just now starting to trend downward on average's average low dipped below 70 degrees as we begin our first descent in averages that will continue until January.

Around the region, our 30 day tally ties Reading for the most so far this year.  The regional totals vary from three at Mount Pocono (elevation matters!) to the 20's in many other spots around the region, save for Reading and Philadelphia's 30.  The only locations in the region to not reach 100 degrees this year are, surprisingly (ha) Mount Pocono and Allentown. If you think the number of 90 degree days here are's worse not far away. Washington has had 34 days of 90 or higher, including eight days of 100 or higher, and for you heat island fans Baltimore's Inner Harbor has topped the 90 degree mark 43 times and has had fourteen 100 degree days.

30 doesn't sound so bad in comparison.