Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot Start To July

July 2012 is shaping up as our third consecutive hot July in Philadelphia.  Month-to-date, our average temperature is 83.1 degrees, over two degrees ahead of July 2010's pace (80.9) and almost three degrees ahead of July 2011's pace (80.6).  Compared to our normal of nearly 78 degrees to this point, we're running 5.3 degrees ahead of pace.   This isn't the hottest first half of July on record -- that honor belongs to July 1993, which averaged 84.4 degrees thanks to three consecutive days of 100 degree highs.   July 2012 ranks 3rd month-to-date, with the centennial summer of 1876 squeaking in 2nd place with an average of 83.3 degrees so far.  Given that through Wednesday we will likely have 16 of 18 days this month at or above 90 degrees for high temperatures, this shouldn't surprise many.

For comparison's sake, the hottest July on record was last year and that came in at an average of 82.4 degrees thanks to a very hot second half of the month.  We would need to average "just" 81.6 degrees the rest of the month to tie last July for hottest on record, which would still require temperatures to be over three degrees above average from here on out.

Rainfall month-to-date is rather modest, with Philadelphia picking up 0.72" so far...about a third of average. Allentown has an inch total for the month, Reading just over three-quarters of an inch, Wilmington just over a third of an inch....all of those totals significantly below average.