Friday, July 13, 2012

July 14th, 2012 Forecast

So far today, we are on the cusp of our third heat wave.  With more cloud cover than originally expected this afternoon, our high so far is only 88-degrees, with temperatures down slightly.  If we do reach 90, it'll be the third day of heat wave number three, and another fairly lengthy one at that again.  We'll flirt with the 90 degree mark through the weekend before bumping up above it next week.  And don't put away the umbrella either.

The clouds will stick around into tonight with the chance of an isolated showers or a rumble of thunder or two.  Temperatures tonight drop down to around 70 in the city, mid-60's to the north and west and upper 60's to lower 70's to the south and east.  After the official high come out for Friday, we could be smack-dab in the middle of a heat wave or starting over again on Saturday.  Temperatures back up to near 90-degrees, but just how hot depends on how much of the cloud cover burns off.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible throughout the day.  Temperatures down the shore in the mid- to upper 80's with the ocean water a balmy 78-degrees.

Saturday and Sunday are nearly the same, with temperatures back up near 90, with scattered showers and thunderboomers around the area.  Monday starts to heat up a bit with temperatures back in the lower 90's with scattered precipitation.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are our danger days, with heat and humidity combining to make it feel close to 100-degrees.  All three days could also feature a shower or thunderstorm as well.  Lows for that three day period are in the mid to upper 70's, so not a lot of relief at night either.  Thursday, temperatures are on the way back down, with still a pesky, pop-up storm in the mix.  Finally, Friday, temperatures are forecasted to dip back below the 90-degree mark.  Humidity levels fall and we are left with partly sunny skies.