Wednesday, July 04, 2012

July 5th, 2012 Forecast

The "dog days" of summer are here a bit early -- we've finished a week of 90's in a row and have three or four more days to go in the heat parade before the streak comes to a merciful and thankful end.  However, two of the next three days will feature some rather nasty heat...with Saturday probably comparable to last Friday in terms of nastiness.  However, relief is on the horizon...and hopefully we can take solace in the fact that there are days in this seven day forecast where 90's are not forecast.

Any thunder that does pop up in the next few hours will be scattered and not widespread...I think most of us will probably have fireworks displays in our communities that will launch on time or pretty darn close to it.  Any thunderstorm that does fire will probably contain will gusty winds and perhaps a localized downpour but any storm should be short-duration as they move southeast or east.  Once those storms die off after sunset, it will be a warm night as we think the region stays above 70 overnight.

Thursday's heat will be pretty high but humidity levels to our north and northwest will not be -- expect heat index values to reach from the 90's northwest to around 100 or just above that southeast.  We're projecting highs to range between the mid 90's northwest and upper 90's south of I-95 and across portions of South Jersey, with Philly getting to 96.  Could see a few 100 degree readings in parts of the Delmarva as well as Maryland tomorrow afternoon but it should be the exception and not the rule.   There will be some relief at the Shore as temperatures should top out near 90 with some localized sea breeze kicking up in the afternoon.

Sunday is the question mark in whether we make this an eleven day heat streak or not -- computer modeling slides a frontal boundary through the region on Sunday and brings the possibility of a round of storms through the region before sunrise and again late in the day.  For now, we're projecting 90 with a warm start and enough leftover "heat" to nudge temperatures towards that mark but if clouds hang tight we might "luck out" and miss the mark. Odds favor any 90 or low 90 degree temperatures to be from the city on south...while north and west should "only" get into the 80's as humidity levels begin to lower with the front's southward sag.