Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London Calling & Scorching

The Olympics "officially" start up on Friday although the first soccer matches will begin tomorrow around England to unofficially kick off the 2012 London Olympics.

Those first soccer matches will likely be played under London's hottest weather of the year.

After a spring and early summer of rain and relatively cool weather, the pattern over England has shifted and a warming trend is taking hold over much of England this week.   While scorching is a relative term given that we've sweated out over 25 90 degree days in Philadelphia, London's average high in late July is in the lower 70's.

Today's projected high will be in the 80's, with tomorrow's high potentially exceeding 85 degrees, or reaching 30 Celsius (86) if the UK's Met Office forecast from this morning is correct.  This would be the warmest weather of the year for London so far, with the highest temperature through yesterday only 81 degrees (four times...twice in May, once in June, and yesterday).

The culprits are an upper level high over Eastern Europe that has built a ridge of heat over most of Europe.  The exception would be over parts of Italy, where an upper level low was cut off underneath the ridge and is spinning around.  This ridge of high pressure has pushed the main jet stream farther north and with it has temporarily removed the rainy pattern that permeated much of England's weather the past three months.

Those travelling to London with the hope that they will get more summery weather may be in for a surprise though. Projections from the European computer model suggest that a trough could pass over Scotland this weekend, cooling London down back into the 60's and 70's and bringing another chance of showers and unsettled weather.  The more realistic weather pattern for London (60's, 70's for highs) looks to continue into next week with perhaps another round of showers possible in the latter half of next week according to the longer range of guidance from the Euro.