Monday, July 30, 2012

Philly's Rain Shadow

We've dodged thunderstorms and showers on numerous occasions through the past week...and in the grand law of averages you can see that there was little consistent about what happened nor did those rains of the past week really average themselves out across the board.  Some locations picked up several inches of rain from thunderstorms last Monday (Poconos), with other locations getting two to three inches of rainfall in localized downpours from last weekend's showers and storms that popped up around the area.

The only thing that was "average" about last week's rainfall totals was that it's completely and totally typical of summertime thunder.  The unfortunate reality is that despite some locations getting two inches or more of rain, others got very little in comparison.

Philadelphia International Airport picked up a half inch of rain since last Sunday. Around the region, only Dover down in Delaware picked up less rainfall (0.32") in that same timeframe. In between Dover and Philadelphia, Wilmington picked up over two inches of rain. In between Wilmington and Atlantic City, Millville picked up 0.86" of rain.

Even between Philadelphia and Trenton, there was a rather steep cutoff in rainfall totals.  Northeast Philadelphia picked up over an inch for the week.  Mount Holly picked up 1.53" (to Philadelphia's east), whereas Trenton picked up over 2 1/2".  The Wilmington-Philadelphia spread is probably the most marked over the shortest distance given it's probably not more than 30 miles between the two reporting sites as the crow flies.