Friday, July 20, 2012

Rains Fell Plentifully For Some, Not Others

If you're in New Jersey, rainfall has been rather plentiful!  Some parts of the Garden State have picked up over three inches of rain today thanks to soaking rains this morning that moved through on a slow pace.  Those rains did produce some localized ponding of water and flood advisories across the Mullica River basin earlier today.

Those rainfall totals were not replicated elsewhere, however.   Rainfall totals averaged close to an inch in much of New Jersey and across the northern suburbs -- where Pottstown, Blue Bell, and Allentown all picked up over an inch.  However, Philadelphia only got just over a quarter of an inch of rain thanks to the morning soaking that barely grazed moved through most of the city.  Other parts of the suburbs in Delaware County saw little in the way of rainfall as well (see the graphic below for a rainfall estimate from radar).  While the rainfall wasn't entirely plentiful for all, it is needed no matter how we get it and any little bit helps!

This evening will feature some passing showers and steadier drizzle.  While not a total washout by any stretch, dampness is the rule tonight.  Rawness is also the temperature rule as the Delaware Valley holds steady in the 60's this afternoon and evening -- arguably a rather chilled reality compared to the 100 degree weather that fried our senses on Wednesday afternoon.  It's not very often we flip from record heat to among the coolest high temperatures on record for a given date in 48 hours but today is one of those rare days.  Despite the lack of sunshine, the coolness of the breeze today is a refreshing reality given how scorching it was just a couple of days ago.