Monday, July 02, 2012

Recapping June 2012

June ended up rather close to average believe it or not, coming in with a final monthly temperature of 73.6 degrees...about two-tenths of a degree above average.  This despite the blasting of seven days with highs in the 90's.  Helps to have a couple of cool stretches thrown in during the month -- particularly the beginning week where highs were just in the 60's for a couple of days, as well as a swoon around the 18th of June where the high was in the lower 70's thanks to rain.

The month, despite its quasi-roller coaster ways, was a bit normal in a number of other respects (for Philadelphia) as well.  Rainfall in Philadelphia totalled 2.94", just about a half inch below normal.  Rainfall in Philly was below normal and just about normal in Allentown and Reading.  However, it was twice of normal in Atlantic City (with six inches of rain in June) but about half of normal in Southern Delaware.  As is typical many times in summer, rainfall variety is common as thunderstorms hit some locations and miss others -- in this case, the Shore won in the rainfall derby while I-95 through Delaware didn't do as well.