Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shower or Two Possible Later

Clouds abound in much of the region this morning, with temperatures in the pre-dawn hours raning from the upper 60's to lower 70's across the Delaware Valley.  A low pressure center is located near the Virginia Beach area and is moving offshore along the East Coast this morning.  It's spreading a few thunderstorms up to around Southern Delaware but most of its moisture and energy is offshore.  It is throwing some additional cloud cover overhead thanks to an easterly flow at the surface and we should see a few more clouds around than we saw yesterday. We will brighten up a bit as we work into the midday and afternoon hours but the theme of the day will be to have a few more clouds around.

A few storms are possible through the course of the day today, especially this afternoon thanks to the influence of daytime heating, although coastal sections could see a shower or storm through the course of the day as the low skirts offshore near enough to the coast.  Like yesterday, any storm that fires up will be slow moving, drenching in spots, and could bring a quick inch of rain.  It's a fairly "typical" summer day from a pop up storm standpoint and temperatures will also be fairly typical for the end of July.  We're expecting highs in the middle 80's this afternoon inland, low 80's at the Shore.

The shower and storm pattern rinses and repeats itself again tomorrow as an atmospheric trough approaches the region.