Friday, July 27, 2012

Still Generally Dry In Region

If not for the severe weather threat that was around yesterday, we would have talked about this during the day yesterday.  Instead, we're updating the drought monitor report on Friday morning.  There hasn't been much change in the Northeast or locally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.  We're still in a relatively dry state along I-95 between Philly and Newark, NJ.  Last night's rains are not reflected in this report but it does give you an idea of the general dry island in place.

Where things have taken a turn towards drought designation have been in Delaware.  The weekly monitor, which updates data on Thursdays based on rainfall through Tuesday, shows 78% of Delaware in some level of drought.  The level of severe drought in the First State has increased in the last week from 32% in last week's report to 59% in Thursday's report.  This 59% accounts for the only portion of the Northeast that's under any sort of severe drought and Delaware is one of four areas in the Northeast that are classified as being in any shade of drought (along with portions of Western PA, Upstate New York, and Massachusetts).

The worst drought conditions in the US continue to reside in the Midwest, Plains, and Ohio Valley.  Nearly 64% of the US is in some level of drought, up from 37% just three months prior.  You can see a six week animation showing the spread of drought conditions in those aforementioned areas.  These are places that could really use some rain...and soon.