Monday, July 02, 2012

Still Quite Warm, Less Humid Though

Temperatures are climbing through the 70's this morning, with 80 in Philadelphia at 8 AM.  We're running for the lower 90's this afternoon with mostly sunny skies and another very warm day on tap in the Delaware Valley.

Unlike yesterday's foray to 97 degrees, today offers a bit less humidity as winds from the north and northwest will filter some less humid air in from the north and northwest.  Dew point values will be in the 50's for the most part through the region today, perhaps near 60 in some locations this afternoon.  The result of a slightly less nasty airmass will be heat index values in the middle 90's at worst this afternoon.  Still quite warm, just not flirting with 100 like we were yesterday.

There could be an isolated shower or storm later on but odds favor the vast majority of the region staying dry today.