Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Typical Warmth Ahead

We're quiet across the region this morning as yesterday's ripples of energy have pushed off the coast.  Temperatures are pleasant for July -- 60's in much of the region, with just a couple of lower 70's around in the city and at Cape May at this early hour.  We're shooting for another day in the upper 80's this afternoon, with perhaps a 90 degree temperature or two before day's end not out of the question.  It is July and with "normal" for this time of the year featuring a high in the middle if not upper 80's depending on location getting a cheap 90 degree day here and there is not uncommon.

Along with temperatures in the upper half of the 80's we could see a shower or storm this afternoon and evening in spots.  The best chances for this would be north of the city as another of those ripples of energy travels along.  Widespread showers aren't likely...probably scattered if not isolated.   A couple of days of relatively quiet weather are ahead of us...and with typical temperatures and humidity for July.