Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Updating Tonight's Thunderstorms

Got a couple of areas of thunderstorms tonight to keep tabs on. First, a line in Central Pennsylvania that has been nudging east and southeast through the day. This line was up in Michigan this morning and has slowly pushed east and southeast...now generally near State College down to near Breezewood.  This first batch isn't terribly strong but it's got enough pop to it where a gusty rumble of thunder can't be ruled out later on to our north and northwest over the next few hours.

This first batch of thunder is an appetizer for what is organizing farther northwest, near Detroit.  That will likely be our main course later tonight.

Storms are currently firing up over the Detroit metro and those will push east and then southeast later tonight.  There's a chance that the complex of storms could pass through the Philadelphia metro but odds are higher that those storms pass to the city's north after Midnight.  The Detroit batch will probably have more pop and bark to them than anything we get this evening -- moisture locally is not that great (dew points are still in the 50's in the city and points north although they are in the 60's back to the west as well as to our south...with those stickier dew points coming in later on tonight).  With higher humidity overnight, the potential for thunderstorms to have a bit more "oomph" to them exists.  Gusty winds but also heavy rainfall is possible in any thunderstorm activity later on.

Computer modeling has most of that activity out of the city by 8 AM, with the storms clearing the Shore shortly thereafter.

As always, we'll keep an eye on things through the evening and provide updates on twitter and Facebook as appropriate!

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