Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weather Rewind, July 15-21, 2012

Last week's temperatures averaged 2.3 degrees above normal for mid July...all in all, a week that averaged out warm although there were definite extremes to the spectrum and some yo-yo weather. We went from back-to-back days of 98 and 100 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday to temperatures in the 70's on Friday, barely avoiding a record cool high when the high temperature on Friday was 74 (the record on the day is 73), thanks to the presence of clouds, east winds, and showery drizzle thanks to a mid level pocket of energy that was over our region yesterday. After setting a record high on Wednesday at 100 degrees, it was a bit of a shock to the system to see temperatures in the chilly (for July standards) 60's on Friday evening. I don't think many will complain about Friday's temperatures though!

Rainfall occurred on a few occasions around the region -- Sunday night with a band of storms that moved through, as well as Wednesday's scattering of thunder before Friday gave many a decent round of rainfall, but the Airport missed out on a chunk of steadier rainfall that fell in other portions of the city on Wednesday and Friday.  The total for the week was a half inch...better than past weeks but not enough to stem a dry month.  The region did catch up a fair bit on rainfall this week but rainfall month-to-date

Some places have nudged the needle a bit on rainfall -- Ocean and Southeast Burlington Counties in New Jersey nudged it a lot with nearly five inches of rain on Friday according to radar estimates -- but the region is still running with significant rainfall deficits for the year, with Wilmington's deficit now exceeding nine inches. We could use a few more Fridays -- just with the rain that fell in the Mullica basin spread out more evenly elsewhere.