Wednesday, August 01, 2012

3rd Warmest July On Record

July 2012 ends up just eeking past July 2010 as third warmest on record for Philadelphia.  The average temperature last month came in at 81.76 degrees, besting out 2010 by .02 the grand scheme of things, July 2012 was one degree warmer over 31 days than 2010 was.   21 90 degree days through the course of the month, tying a four-times tied record that was last set just last year for most 90 degree days in a single month.  Yep, July was our third foray into the top three for warmest July on record...with 2011 still the "gold standard" of heat in a single month in the city.  For a while, it looked like this July was going to give last year a run for its money but two very cool days on the 20th and 21st did that possibility in.

The near record-setting heat for the month was accompanied by a significantly dry month. Philadelphia picked up just 1.45" of rain for the month, over 2.75" below average for the month and among the twenty driest months of July since 1872. Philly was the driest of the major climate sites as rainfall was much closer to average in Trenton, Allentown, and Atlantic City...all three sites were within an inch of average. Reading and Wilmington were both over an inch below average but fared much better than the city. In fact, Philly hasn't been this dry in a July since 2001 when it picked up just 1.30" of rain.

Unlike this July, that one finished with below average temperatures.