Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Few Storms Around This Evening

While the majority of action today has been in New Jersey -- rainfall amounts of over two inches fell in Cape May County earlier today with thunderstorms -- a few storms have popped up over the past couple of hours near Baltimore and are lifting northeast. Storms are "most" numerous to our south at this hour -- generally in Lancaster County down through Baltimore, east to Salem County, all of this lifting north and northeast.

While thunderstorms will diminish in number and intensity after sunset, some locations will get some thunderstorm activity over the next couple of hours around the region.  Locally heavy downpours, some lightning, perhaps a gusty shot of wind are possible.  Not everyone gets in on the thunderstorm activity -- enough locations though could see a few rumbles of thunder over the next one to three hours before storms taper off after 10 PM.

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