Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Relative Dearth of 90's Ahead

We've now gone eight of the past nine days without hitting 90 degrees. While "normal" isn't something that's usually cheered around these parts it is a sign of a relief from "big heat" as temperatures are a bit more tolerable lately. It's still warm in the afternoons but it is nothing atypical for this time of the year.

The only potential shot of 90 degree weather between now and late next week is coming up on Friday, ahead of another cool front that approaches the region. That front will produce showers and storms as it crosses the region Friday night and Saturday...but in its wake it will bring us another round of relief.

Computer modeling between the GFS (above) and NAM (below) varies slightly in terms of the trough that's digging in behind this weekend's front, the result is that cooler and less humid weather will take over in the Great Lakes and Midwest.  We'll be less warm...and certainly less humid...but temperatures on Sunday and Monday will be in the lower half of the 80's across much of the region.  Can't quite call it jacket weather but it will be a much more pleasant shot of air in the region -- very much like what we dealt with on Monday around here.  If the GFS' input is accurate, some parts of Northern Minnesota might have frost on Saturday night...not entirely unusual for them but it is a sign that the grip of heat is slowly starting to wane.  Key word is slowly...there's a good shot of 90+ heat returning around here late next week.