Monday, August 06, 2012

A Solid Soaking For Some, Too Much For A Few Others

Philadelphia's 0.90" of rain yesterday evening was the most it has received in a storm since June 12th (when we picked up 0.99" from rain on a chilled summer day). The region generally got between a quarter inch in the lowest rain totals (Millville and points south) to over two inches of rain (South Jersey). In addition to rain, gusty winds and lightning left their mark in a number of locations throughout the region.  We'll have more on the lightning event at Pocono raceway later this evening.

The heaviest rains last night and early this morning generally fell in a swath from near Bridgeton east to Atlantic City Airport northeast into Southern Ocean County....some two plus inch totals fell in these areas, especially around Hammonton and over towards Port Republic (just east of AC Airport).

The storms were a definite benefit in knocking temperatures down from the mid and upper 90's right before the storms hit to a much cooler and refreshing lower and middle 70's as they passed through. From a damage and impact standpoint, it could have been worse locally but wind gusts generally were in the 40 to 50 mile per hour range with these storms as they moved through...although a wind gust to 70 miles per hour was recorded with a second line of thunderstorms that slipped through Monmouth County just before 11 PM.  Most of the damage reports were to the city's north, northwest, and northeast with yesterday's thunderstorm activity.