Tuesday, August 28, 2012

App Me: iHurricane HD for iPad

With Isaac churning towards landfall along the Gulf coastline, this evening's "app me" segment takes a look at a pretty good (and free for the basic version) app for the iPad. iHurricane HD provides a great deal of information on tropical cyclones throughout the Western Hemisphere -- showing basic information, modeling forecasts, satellite, and more.

The best part -- that information is free.

Granted, you can get that information online through various websites but for those with an iPad, this app does provide you access to tropical storm track, official forecasts from the National Hurricane Center (depicted above), and model plots (below) from SFWMD.gov that pop up in a dedicated window.

Besides the basic information, such as path, forecast, and warning information, the app provides pertinent radar information as the storm approaches and crosses a radar site.  It also includes satellite information (further below) that can vary from the visible to infrared to water vapor imagery from NOAA domain websites, as well as the Naval Research Laboratory.

There is a social media component that you can take advantage of as well -- and a pay option that will send you push notifications if you want them, as well as the option to remove ads.  The ads aren't obtrusive and the app works very well so it's not an imperative to have to get the free version although if you like ad free it is something you should pursue.  That said, the app is worth having as part of your collection if you are into monitoring tropical cyclones.