Friday, August 17, 2012

August 18th, 2012 Forecast

The region is in for a great stretch of weather with cooler temperatures and mostly clear skies.  That weather will come, however, after we get through a few storms tonight into tomorrow.  Temperatures have really started to moderate and it seems like we're nearing the end of the "90-degree plus" weather and while we still could see the 90's here or there, the long stretches and persistent heat waves seem to be behind us.

Tonight is the last big hurdle to get over, before this fantastic weather.  The humidity sticks around with lows in the lower 70's with showers and thunderstorms likely, mostly in the late-evening to overnight hours.  Temperatures to the north and west in the mid- to upper 60's and in the upper 60's to the south and east.  As the front approaches, winds will actually become calm, but generally out of the southwest.  The winds shift tomorrow from the north, bringing down that cooler and drier air.  Showers will taper off tomorrow for most areas, but could stick around in coastal areas.  Temperatures struggling to making it well into the 80's, with most areas hovering around the 80-degree mark.

Sunday will turn out to be much like Saturday, except there is a very slight chance of a rain shower or two, however I do not believe Sunday will be a wash-out.  Temperatures in the lower 80's in most areas with very comfortable lows in the mid- to upper 60's for most of the week.  Next work week looks fantastic - a perfect opportunity to let the kid go outside and play before school starts up.  Temperatures Monday through Thursday will be in the lower to mid-80's under partly to mostly cloudy skies.  Even humidity will be in the comfortable range.  A few changes appear for Friday as we do start to heat up ahead of another cold front, which looks to drop temperatures even lower for the following weekend.