Friday, August 24, 2012

August 25th, 2012 Forecast

While our weather here has been pretty tame over the last few days, all eyes are on a tropical system in the Caribbean named Isaac.  Either way, Isaac is ramping up to hit the Gulf Coast, as of now anywhere from Tampa to New Orleans.   Our weather here will be unsettled, but not like anything like last year, as another "I" storm, Irene, was impacting our region.  This year, temperatures will be moderates in the 80's with only a chance of showers and storms.

For tonight, skies starting off hazy and partly cloudy will give way to yet more clouds.  Lows in and around the city will be near the 70-degree mark, into the mid-60's as you head north and west and in the upper 60's to the south and east.  Winds will be light from the southeast.  Tomorrow, the clouds continue to stick around, with the chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm.  Tom's post earlier indicated some disagreement among the models.  Saturday will not be a total washout, so I would cancel any outdoor plans, but bring an umbrella just in case.  Highs in the mid-80's in Philadelphia and the lower 80's around shore points and to the north and west.  Saturday will not be a total washout, so I would cancel any outdoor plans.

Sunday will be much like Saturday with a chance of precipitation throughout the day, but not a complete loss of a day.  This being the last weekend of "meteorological summer" - from June 1st to August 31st - it might be one of the last great weekends to hit the beach.  The unsettled weather hangs in for the start of the workweek, with temperatures on Monday bumping up into the upper 80's.  Warmer temperatures stay in place for Tuesday, with a lingering chance of showers and thunderstorms and highs again in the mid- to upper 80's.  Wednesday, cooler air starts to filter in and skies stay to clear out.  Hump Day will turn out to be one of the best days of the next seven, with temperatures topping out at only 80-degrees.  Thursday, temperatures and humidity will start to move closer and we'll have to keep a watchful eye on Isaac, or at the point the remnants of it.  Many people remember the effects of Lee from last year as well, and this storm system could mimic some characteristics of that.  By the time Labor Day weekend is upon us, we'll be talking about more precipitation, more humidity and the return of the 90's.

By next weekend, we'll also be talking about more sports as well, since many high school football teams open their season.  Each week, look for my "Friday Night Lights Forecast" every Thursday to prepare for the weather the following night and hopefully you team's win as well.