Monday, August 27, 2012

August 28th, 2012 Forecast

While folks carry out the dreaded task of preparing for a hurricane, we've had our own showers and thunderstorms here this morning and this afternoon.  Showers are still moving through parts of New Jersey and Delaware, with flood advisories posted since these storms are putting down up to 1.5 inches per hour and not moving all that fast. This weather today and what we can expect tonight and tomorrow morning is all ahead of a cold front pushing in that will drop temperatures for Wednesday and Thursday, before hot and humid weather comes back in for the Labor Day Weekend.

Rain and thunderstorm chances will continue into tonight.  While most will be hit and miss, skies will remain mostly cloudy and humid.  Temperatures pretty much staying in the lower 70's throughout the region, with the exception to extreme northern and western locations where they might not get out of the 60's.  The precipitation could stick around into early afternoon tomorrow.  I'd bring the umbrella on your way to work tomorrow but you might not need it and you can stash it away by the time you head home.  Temperatures still warm to start off tomorrow, as well as the humidity, but both start falling off by late afternoon.  High should top out in the mid to upper 80's.  Winds will be shifting tomorrow, starting from the southwest and changing to the northwest.

By Wednesday, temperatures fall back down into the comfortable ranges and under brilliant sunshine.  Skies will be mostly sunny with highs in the lower 80's for the midweek.  Thursday, temperatures bump up a bit, but still feeling fairly pleasant outside.  Temperatures rebound back into the mid-80's for highs and mid-60's for lows.  Friday and Saturday, the heat and humidity returns.  With Tropical Storm Issac making landfall and traveling east, this humidity will make it feel tropical, because it is tropical.  We'll have to see how the track of the remnants of Isaac pan out, but I do foresee some sort of impact on the area from this system.

The chance of thunderstorms both Sunday and Monday have to be watched closely.  Should the precipitation become more consistent and widespread, we could have a flooding situation on our hands.  Think back to Tropical Storm Lee from last year.  When it entered our area, it was actually an "extra-tropical low", meaning it was some sort of tropical cyclone, but not anymore.  However, these types of storms do retain some tropical characteristics.  So instead of a thunderstorm dropping a half-inch or inch of rain per hour, these thunderstorms can range from two to four inches per hour.

Vigilance is key.  We'll have to watch the models and hope the storm weakens further and moves off to our north or south.  Remember to click our Tropics Tracker, for the latest information.  Also, Thursday will be the first Friday Night Lights forecast, so come back for that as well.