Monday, August 20, 2012

Band of Showers Approaches After Dinner

As we get into the evening hours, a band of showers is setting up to our west. This band of shower and occasional thunder is slowly pushing east while the shower/storm activity within it is pushing northeast along the line. While not producing severe weather in its midst, the showers are producing some decent downpours with them as they march along. Harrisburg picked up 0.41" of rain in the 4 PM hour in one of the heavier showers within the line.

These showers will work into the western burbs in a couple of hours. Their movement is more northeast than east but they are continuing the push along and if they hold together, Philly could see some showers after 8 PM. The bulk of the activity probably passes off to the city's north but the tail end (back over Virginia and not seen on the above graphic) could graze through the region in the next several hours.

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