Thursday, August 16, 2012

Checking In On First Half of August

August's halfway point is today -- believe it or not, September and Labor Day weekend are just a couple of weeks away already -- so it's time to check in on where we're at locally with the climate in the region.  So far, August has been a mild to warm month out of the gate but it's been nothing overly unusual in terms of warmth.  The monthly temperature so far is 80.0 degrees through yesterday, 2.4 degrees above what "average" is for August.   The temperature departure, should it hold through month's end, would result in one of the ten warmest Augusts on record in Philadelphia but based solely on temperature departure it looks like we would avoid breaking a record for warmest August.

The city has broken 90 five times so far -- but as avoided the 90 degree barrier in each of the last six days through yesterday and nine of the last ten.  While additional 90 degree days are certainly doable down the stretch, the potential of "extreme" heat seems to be waning quite a bit as we nudge into the later parts of the month.

Besides a warm month, August has been quite wet locally. Philadelphia has picked up 3.51" of rain through yesterday, double what "average" is in the rainfall department. While we're still below average on the yearly rainfall, we're definitely getting ourselves much closer to average with this recent uptick in rainfall locally. Each of the climate sites around the Delaware Valley is running at (Mount Pocono) or above average in rainfall this month, with Philly the most above average as a percentage. Year-to-date, Philly's rainfall is still over seven inches below average but Ma Nature has been in the act of playing catchup lately.