Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Continued Warm Ways Locally

We talked on Monday about this being one of the ten warmest summers on record -- there's still question just where this summer ends up. In terms of how frequently we've been running on the warmer side of normal, this year continues to show a rather high rate of above average days.

Through yesterday, August has had 21 above normal days, seven at or below average, a 75 percent rate of days where the average temperature was above normal.  That's above the yearly clip of 72.1 percent.  In fact, in the last two months so far we've only had eight below average days, which unless today ends up below average would end up as the fewest of any two months this year combined.

This summer has had above average temperatures on 67.4 percent of days -- dragged down by an essentially "normal" June from a temperature standpoint.  Had June been a bit warmer and more consistent with the rest of the year regarding warmth, this summer may have ended up as one of the three warmest on record in Philadelphia.

And for those keeping track, we're still very much on track for the warmest year on record...we'll update those standings after Friday.