Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Couple Of Thoughts On Today's Weather

Today's rain and thunder threat is brought to us by a weak disturbance crossing the region. While widespread severe weather is not likely, the moist and unstable atmosphere in place over us will result in the potential for heavy rainfall in any storm that you get...and perhaps a round of gusty winds in the strongest of storms.

Today will feature a hit-and-miss setup on heaviest rainfall -- not everyone gets in on widespread amounts of heavy rainfall and, much like the summer storms we have seen the past several days, some spots will benefit from rainfall at the expense of others.

NAM rainfall estimate through 8 PM tonight -- notice that rainfall placement is scattered around the region and that not everyone will get in on heavy rainfall today -- some spots will be dry while others get an inch, perhaps two inches.

It also will not storm all day today -- there will be breaks in the action through the course of the day around the region. However, thunderstorms may fire at any point in the day and they probably will be more likely this afternoon and evening...and perhaps even into the late evening hours if the NAM's high res from 2 AM (seen below) is right.

In short, a typical summer day with the potential for a heavy downpour or two in the strongest of storms later on. Nothing too apocalyptic, nothing unusual, but the heaviest of rains could result in localized ponding of water on roads or in those usual suspect places that tend to flood over easily.

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