Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Filtered Sun Today

Another nice day ahead for the region. We're starting out in the 60's in most places this morning. Some patchy fog can't be ruled out over the next few hours in a few suburban locations -- and it wouldn't surprise me if it were locally dense in those "usual suspect" locations that can fog up pretty easily. Once any early fog burns off, we should expect a sky similar to yesterday (a mix of clouds and sunshine) but with perhaps an occasional veil of cirrus spreading overhead and temperatures that are very similar to what we had yesterday (middle 80's for highs).

A stray shower or storm can't be ruled out this afternoon in a few locations as a weak disturbance tracks through. Computer modeling suggests any shower development will be spotty in nature, perhaps just one or two out there in the afternoon and early evening. That said, it can't be completely ruled out but the vast majority of us and the vast majority of the day look to be pretty nice on the whole.