Thursday, August 02, 2012

Heat Back, Shower Chances Back Down

 We're in the 60's in most of the region this morning, with the city in the lower 70's under skies that range from clear to foggy depending on location.  The most prevalent fog is in the northern burbs up through Central Jersey, where visibility levels are down to a half mile or less at this early hour.  Fog should burn off pretty quickly, giving way to a mostly sunny sky for the duration of the day.

There isn't any disturbance or trough around to act as a trigger for heavy, soaking, scattered thunderstorms.  However, there is heat, humidity, and it is summer.  One can't rule out the possibility of a pop up shower or storm this afternoon.  It doesn't look as widespread as yesterday was for New Jersey but a few spots may be in line for a pop up storm after 2 or 3 PM.  Odds are probably 20% city and north, 30%'s not very likely but given the presence of humidity and lingering instability a storm or two may overcome the lack of a trigger and fire up.

Highs today will warm a fair amount from yesterday's lower and middle 80's -- we're generally pegging near or just above 90 this afternoon around the region.  Shore probably gets to the mid 80's at the immediate coastline but will warm quickly to 90 as the prevailing wind is from the west and southwest.