Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mainly Sunny with a few clouds

Temperatures as of 6am are in the mid 60's for most areas.  There is some cloud cover, but that depends on where you live.  Northern areas have more clear skies, where clouds increase as you travel south, especially south of the city into parts of Southern New Jersey and Delaware.  The cold front that passed through Sunday evening and yesterday morning has stalled over extreme southern areas and is draped in a line from Baltimore to Dover, DE to Cape May, NJ.  Clouds are more abundant closer to the front. 

Most areas will be dry today, but in parts of central and southern Delaware near the stalled front, the possibility will be there for a stray thunderstorm.  Highs today will reach into the mid to upper 80's for all locations.  It will be a mainly sunny day, but cloudiness still be a bit tricky closer to the stalled front, so areas south of city could see a few more clouds, but at worst will see a 50/50 mix of clouds and sun.  It will also be a pleasant day with a light breeze and low humidity.