Wednesday, August 08, 2012

March Of Mugginess Returns

Humid weather is making a comeback in the region this morning as dew point values are back up in the 60's (north of the city) and 70's (city and south) as humid weather is back in the region's picture this morning.  Along with that return of muggy weather, a few thunderstorms and showers are gracing our region's presence this morning.  As of 5:30 AM, they are located generally to our south and southeast (from Ocean County down southwest to south of Millville), moving little this morning.  Showers and storms will pop up in the increasingly moist atmosphere in a widely scattered fashion through the day today -- not everyone will get a shower or storm but a few locations will deal with a drenching, slow-moving storm later on.  Best bests are south and northwest of Philadelphia.

Temperatures will nudge a few degrees warmer than yesterday when a shield of high overcast worked its magic and prevented us from getting above 85 degrees at the Airport.  We'll generally deal with a mix of clouds and sun through the day today -- and temperatures should flirt with 90 by day's end as a result of a bit more sun than yesterday.  With humidity, it'll feel closer to 95 at worst of the heat from the city on south.   The muggy regime will hold in the region into Saturday before a cold front slowly trudges through.  The price to pay will be bouts of thunderstorms, which will become numerous on Friday afternoon and evening around the region and continue perhaps into Saturday.