Monday, August 06, 2012

Decreasing Clouds/Cooler, less humid

 As of 7am, temperatures across the area range from the mid-70's in Southeast PA, Southern NJ and all of Delaware. But they drop off as you travel north, with lower 70's in Central/Northern NJ and into the upper 60's in the Poconos and Northern PA.  There are also more clouds in southern areas vs. northern areas this morning.  This is because a cold front is currently moving through the area.  It has already cleared most locations.  Its currently draped across Southern NJ and Delaware as some showers are still occurring there.  But they soon will be offshore.

Drier area is moving in and winds have already shifted with the cold front passage. They will be out of the west and Northwest today.  Clouds will be decreasing throughout the morning hours and we'll see much more sunshine this afternoon.  It will be a pleasant day and much less humid.  Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80's.  And these will be the story throughout the week as we'll see highs remain staus quo with highs in the mid-80's to around 90 degrees.  Not expecting any significant heat this week, but for early August, it will still be above normal.