Friday, August 10, 2012

Occasional Heavy Thunderstorms Today

It's a warm, muggy morning in the Delaware Valley with mainly cloudy skies in place at this early hour.  Temperatures are in the 70's across the region.  A line of thunderstorms is out to our west and is a few hours away from the city -- should reach Philadelphia later this morning given its current trajectory.  Today's weather theme is one of occasional thunder -- this morning's storms strong but not terribly severe, followed by potentially heavier rainfall and perhaps some severe weather late this afternoon.  Thunderstorms will move through in round one through the morning hours, departing in the midday or early afternoon hours from west to east.  A lull in the action between wave one and the cold front may allow for enough destabilizing of the atmosphere for more storms to fire up late this afternoon or, more likely, this evening across the region.

The second round of thunderstorms could produce additional heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and perhaps isolated severe weather in parts of the region.  How intense round two gets is dependent on how much of a break there is in between the AM round and the PM activity...regardless, the threat of heavy rain is there in the second round of storms.

Highs today are dependent on how much, if any sunshine, we get in the late afternoon and evening hours.  80's seem likely for the region for a "late in the day" high -- with the Shore probably getting a touch warmer than the city as thunderstorms may not be as numerous down there as they will be along I-95 and west.  In general, temperatures will probably drop back into the middle 70's in the city as storms move through this morning before bouncing back higher once round one ends.  90's don't appear likely though today...but it will be a humid, tropical-like day.