Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pace For Hottest Year On Record Continues

With the third hottest July on record in the books, Philadelphia's hottest year on record continues its blistering pace. We're running over a full degree ahead of where the prior hottest January through July period on record is running (57.47 in '91), which is farther ahead of the pace we were at a month ago at this time.

"Average" over the 1981-2010 timeframe is 55.77 degrees, which yields us running 2.82 degrees of that normal, a smidge closer to "reality" than where we were last month when our year-to-date temperature was four degrees above the decadal norm.

2010, which is the closest competition, used its hot July to jump into fifth in the standings.  Despite a record setting July last year, 2011 is still not in the elite eight for hottest first seven months on record.

If we average merely "normal" for the duration for the year we will end up with the hottest year on record as our annual temperature will come in at 58.19 degrees, ahead of the record from 1931 (58.10) and 1991 (58.09).  With each passing warm day, the probability of a record warm year in Philadelphia continues to increase.