Friday, August 17, 2012

Pushing 90 Ahead Of Front, Storms Tonight

Temperatures are not that bad this morning around the region -- generally in the 60's outside of Center City, the Shore, and Delaware where some 70's lurk.  A frontal boundary will push across Pennsylvania today, helping break thunderstorms out along and ahead of the front this afternoon.  Storms will fire to our west in Western Pennsylvania first, sliding east throughout the afternoon and into our region probably between 5 and 8 PM or so.

Given we'll have most of the day rain-free around here, a push of warmth ahead of the front, and at least some sunshine temperatures should approach and flirt with 90 in many locations this afternoon.  We're pegging the city and south/east for 90 degrees, with upper 80's north and west plus the Shore.  While not a full blown hot day, it will feel like a blast of summer is returning especially in light of a decent weather day yesterday.

Those aforementioned thunderstorms will cross the region tonight and tomorrow morning, bringing more rain to the region before it begins to taper off overnight to our west and by tomorrow morning overhead.  Some spots could pick up another inch or more of rain...and yeah, some localized flooding is possible from thunderstorms.  A few of the heaviest thunderstorms could also be severe late this afternoon and evening across Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, with gusty winds the main culprit.