Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scattered Showers In Spots Overnight

Radar trends tonight have been to keep shower activity south of Philadelphia -- with Delaware getting the bulk of rain (heavy at times) earlier this evening...some parts of Southern Delaware besting two inches of rain from earlier storm activity.  In Philadelphia, a mere trace of rain has fallen...but Southern Delaware has been in need of a good soaking for a while so this setup has been rather beneficial for them while bringing us a tolerable temperature day around Philadelphia.

Now those storms are working into Cape May, Cumberland, and even Salem Counties, pushing northward slowly but weakening as they move farther away from the low pressure center in Virginia.  That said, a round of showers to heavy thunderstorms can't be ruled out this evening for those of you in South Jersey.  Philadelphia could get a few showers but odds favor the bulk of heavier thunderstorm activity stays south overnight.

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