Sunday, August 05, 2012

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Until 9 PM

Update, 7 PM:  There are a few more scattered storms back to the west over Central Pennsylvania but the main "brunt" of activity is with this line as it moves into New Jersey.  While the line is weakening some, it still offers the potential for gusty winds and heavy rain as it moves east and northeast.   While still a potent line, it was stronger back in PA.  The "bigger" story with the line over the next hour is the significant temperature drop that accompanies it.  Temperatures have dropped an average of 15 degrees with the Philadelphia's case, the temperature drop was 21 degrees between 6 and 7 PM!

Update, 6:20 PM:  Line of severe storms about to move into Philadelphia over the next 15-30 minutes.  Winds could reach 60 miles per hour with the storms as they move through.  Severe Thunderstorm Watch has now been extended all the way to the coast until 9 PM.

Update, 5:15 PM:  Storms are just about to enter the western suburbs (Chester and Montgomery Counties) and are about an hour away from Philadelphia.  Wind has been the main culprit with these storms as they move east.  We could see gusts over 50 miles per hour as the line of storms marches in from the west.

Much of the region is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9 PM.  The only parts that aren't are the Shore, Burlington County (although the western half of the county should keep an eye out for things after 7 PM), and Southern Delaware (not shown).

As we approach 4 PM, storms are working through Harrisburg and are on a slow, steady march east towards Philadelphia...about three hours away given their current track and speed.  Storms are about two hours away from the western burbs.  Heavy rain and gusty winds are likely with the storms as they move in -- some hail can't be ruled out but the bigger severe "culprit" will be wind.   Given it's windy out today, that shouldn't come as a surprise.  The Shore will be the last to get in on these -- likely after 8 PM...and they should not be as strong as they move in...but will be a bigger rain threat given the moist atmosphere out there as dew points are flirting with or above 70 despite the gusty winds trying to mix out some of this moisture.

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