Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Showers To Start, Warmth To Finish

It's a warm and showery start to the day around the region. Radar at 4:30 AM shows a band of rain working through the region from west to east in association with a cool front. These showers will not last terribly long this morning and should clear the region around or just after 7 AM (west) and by 10 or so at the Shore.  Rainfall amounts should be relatively modest -- most places west of us have picked up less than a tenth of an inch as they have crossed overnight.

The front will mark a slow transition in cooler air but will bring about a quicker introduction of lower humidity today on northwest winds that will pick up to between 12 and 16 mph, with higher gusts, later on.  That lowering of humidity will make this afternoon's warmth feel tolerable as dew point values drop into the 50's from the lower 70's that we're slogging through early this morning.  Yes, it will be a pretty warm afternoon as many locations make a run towards 90 degrees by day's end.  Even if we don't make 90, it'll come pretty close in a number of locations despite that northwest wind thanks to a touch of downslope off of the mountains to the west at work.