Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some Showers, Especially South, Today

Showers from a coastal low over Eastern North Carolina are spreading slowly north off of the Virginia coast early this morning, with a canopy of clouds overhead.  Those clouds will help keep temperatures down across the region today as we get mostly cloudy skies, with a few glimpses of sun at times for points north of the city.  We're starting the day in the 60's and low 70's -- very similar to yesterday -- although we will not end up as warm as yesterday's 90 degree high in Philadelphia thanks to additional cloud cover.

Showers will work their way north through the day, spreading into Delaware later this morning and up the South Jersey coast into this afternoon.  They may get as far as Philly and Southeastern Pennsylvania by late in the afternoon but modeling varies on how far north they make it before dinner.  Odds, however, favor more showers south of the city than north through this afternoon.   It will not be a total washout nor will the showers be incredibly heavy except down near the Delaware Beaches where the steadiest rains may take place.

Highs today will get into the 80's, warmest in the city and northwest as they will be farther from the rainfall.  It will get to around 80 at the Shore...probably more likely to stay in the 70's in the afternoon as an east breeze off of the Atlantic provides some cooling.