Friday, August 10, 2012

Thunderstorms Popping For Second Round For Some

Scattered thunderstorms have been popping up over the past hour or two to our well as locally...and more will continue to develop over the next few hours across Central and Western Pennsylvania.  The radar shot above shows how things looked out to our west as of 3:30 PM...and more thunderstorm development will take place out here.  Closer to home, scattered thunderstorms are more common across New Jersey and Delaware although a few showers have popped up around the immediate city.  We will see hit and miss showers and storms continue in the city and southeast of the city for a while but a break in the action may continue to our west until the Western and Central PA activity moves in later this evening.

While we are still at risk for severe thunderstorm activity, the risk level for that isn't as high as the threat for heavy rains.  Most locations picked up at least a half inch of rain this morning -- some spots picked up over an inch and a half (Doylestown) from morning thunderstorm activity.   Any thunderstorm that fires up this afternoon or evening could be locally strong or severe -- with more heavy rainfall possible in spots.

Computer modeling suggests that the best chances for this will be to our west -- Central PA into Berks County and the Lehigh Valley seem to be one area of potential focus for later on this evening.  Farther east into Philadelphia, a storm or two is certainly possible but the timing for any line of thunderstorms that originates out in Central PA will likely be after sunset, which would mitigate the severe weather threat around here.   If you're heading to the Phillies game, it doesn't look like a total washout but delays and raindrop dodging certainly are possible during the course of the evening.

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