Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weather Rewind: August 5-11, 2012

Temperatures averaged 3.1 degrees above normal in Philadelphia last week, thanks to two days of 90 and warmer in the Delaware Valley -- Sunday's 96 degree high and Thursday's 92 degree high.  Combined with relatively high humidity through much of the week, it was more of the same in this warm summer.  Tuesday was our nicest overall day, shrouded by high clouds with high temperatures "only" in the mid 80's.  Friday was the coolest day overall thanks to our heaviest rainfall event since April.

Rainfall for the week totaled over two inches in Philadelphia, with some locations in South Jersey picking up over four inches of rain for the week between Sunday into Monday's rainfall and Friday/Saturday's event.  Rainfall this month has been a bit of a surplus locally -- running above average in
much of the Delaware Valley (the Poconos are a bit dry so far), with some places running nearly double of normal so far.

Rainfall at this clip is not a bad thing given we're still running with rainfall deficits in a number of locations throughout the Delaware Valley, which we alluded to yesterday.  Deficits since early June are in the one to three inch range for many locations outside of Atlantic City and areas along the Shore (which are running with a surplus), and still in the three to eight inch range year-to-date around the region.  The rainfall situation has been much better of late...hopefully we don't get too much rain over the next few weeks.