Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3rd Warmest Summer For US Since 1895

Summer 2012 officially closed for meteorological purposes at the end of August, with the final outcome of it the third warmest summer since 1895 for the US lower 48.  Only 1934 (74.5) and 2011 (74.6) were warmer in official statistics than the final average temperate of 74.4 in the US.  We were on pace for the warmest summer on record in the US thanks to July's record but August's warm-but-not-too-hot final result helped nudge us down in the standings from first to third.

Statistically, the warmth impacted large swaths of territory, from the Great Lakes and Northeast on west to the Plains and down to the Southern Plains.  The core of "hottest of hot" was centered over the Plains, which to no surprise was also a very dry part of the country in the early summer.   Nebraska and Wyoming had their driest summer on record, with six other states experiencing a top ten driest summer in the center or southwest of the country.

In our neck of the woods, this summer was the third warmest in Delaware, seventh warmest in New Jersey, and 21st warmest in Pennsylvania.  For Philadelphia, it was the 5th warmest (fitting in the general trend in New Jersey and Delaware) on record.

Annually, like Philadelphia, we're on pace for the warmest year on record across the US.

Graphics above are from NOAA.