Tuesday, September 04, 2012

5th Warmest Summer, Warmest Year Continues

From a meteorological perspective, summer ended last Friday at the close of August.  While we still for technical purposes have a little less than three weeks of summer ahead of us, the June through August period counts for statistical purposes as "summer".  As far as temperatures were, we ended up nudging out 2011 for 5th warmest on record as the average temperature this summer was 78.0 degrees.   2011's combined three month average was 77.967 (rounded to 78.0), which places it in 6th on the list as the three month average this year was 78.0 flat.  It still marks the third straight top ten warmest summer on record and rivals the mid 90's stretch of hot summers in comparison as temperatures in the mid 90's were warmest on record for three consecutive summers (prior to 2010 becoming the new gold standard).

Year-to-date, this year continues to lead the pace in warmest on record, with a 0.93 degree lead over 1991.

2012 will likely end up the warmest on record barring any significant cold air intrusions that persist over a month or two's time and even if one such intrusion were to occur, the year likely ends up as one of the warmest on record given how much of a lead 2012 has over the other years at this point.   2012 will likely end up as one of the warmest if not the warmest for the United States as well given the current pace nationally year-to-date as well.  The update where the year stands nationally will come out from NOAA in the next week or so.